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The expertise of the Institute for Innovation in industrial pharmacy, IFIIP GmbH, is related to the knowledge and experience accumulated by the Head of this institute, Prof. Dr. Hans Leuenberger, former Head of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Basel, (see Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications).

Unique expertise of IFIIP GmbH concerns

  • the application of percolation theory, which leads to a much better understanding of complex formulations and process understanding, which is related to the following topics:
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Quality by Design (QbD)
  • Solid Dosage Form Design using as a tool advanced computational science in cooperation with CINCAP GmbH, Center for innovation in computer –aided pharmaceutics c/o IFIIP GmbH leading to the implementation of Virtual R & D Reality in an industrial environment, facilitating scale-up exercises, prompting:
  • More robust formulations combined with a reduction of time to market for
  • New therapeutic entities, generics and combination drugs.

    The unique expertise of IFIIP GmbH, the broad scientific knowledge and experience of the Head of IFIIP GmbH are the strength of IFIIP GmbH to be involved in the search for Innovations in the area of formulations, new excipients, new drug carriers, new types of packaging and new process technologies ( see also: list of patents).

    The cross-disciplinary knowledge of the Head of IFIIP GmbH, knowing many experts in different areas combined with a broad international network of companies and specialists facilitates the development of a new creativity for product innovation, product life cycle management and last but not least for business development and new business relations.

    IFIIP offers design of experiments for the evaluation of combination products with the goal to reduce side effects and the dose of the drugs involved. Follow –up studies include projects in collaboration with the department of pharmaceutics, the center of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology at the Lake Nona Campus of the College of Pharmacy of the University of Florida.